Whale Tail Pic


The Whale Tail

The Island of ‘Eua, where I live has the Tonga Trench running past it which is just over 10 km deep, there are 23 different species of whale around the Island and as the water is extremely deep  just of the reef there is no need to go out on a boat to see the whale. This Humpback for example was only a few meters away from me as I stood a rock at the reef  by my village.

Hope you like this pic, leave a comment and let me know what you think.



  1. Awesome. The last time I saw something like that was a visit to Botanical Beach here on Vancouver Island. It was September and the Gray Whales were migrating by, just a couple of feet from the beach. Spectacular. But I’ve never seen a Humpback, or most of the other 23 different species you say spend time in ‘Eua. Too cool.

    Congrats on the start to the blog, BTW — it looks really good. Like I said, from what I’ve read you have an intriguing and unique voice and I look forward to reading more of it, chaos and confusion included. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments Necy and the vote of confidence.
    Humpbacks season around here is between July and November. They are the most visible cetacean after the spinner and bottle nose that is. The other whales are a bit more camera shy, but I’m sure with the amount of spare time I have, living here I’ll get a few shots of them for the blog. I won’t name the all as the Japanese may be reading. ( this of course is a joke .) The real reason is, it would be a very boring read.
    For those of you reading this The Necromancer was my inspiration for this blog so if you haven’t read some of Necy’s writings than I suggest you do.

    Have fun Necy and come visit me often .

    Ofa atu

  3. Wow… you’re so lucky to live in a place like that!!

  4. Look I know what your saying, to me it is wonderful, but I must tell you, some people come hear and full in love with the place. They try and live here, but usually after a month or so cant handle it and leave.

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