To Whale or not to Whale, is it even a Question?

Oh my god people, it seems madness has struck the Paradise Islands of Tonga. This is not a test, Tongan parliament are seriously looking at bringing whaling back to Tonga.:-( I can’t believe it how stupid is that? Taki and I have been over on the main Island y to see what we can do to stop this crazy thing from happening.

It all started with some idiot noble in the Tonga island group of Vava’u who thought it would be a good idea, dah. Tonga is a kingdom with a King and nobles and the rest of us chiefs, town officers, village speaks, peasants , you get the picture a ranking system of who is important and who is not.

Luckily my family is well respected in Tonga, so I can speak to some of these so called important people. So that’s what I’ve been doing, but these guys are hard nuts with dollar signs in their eyes.

this is some of the crap they believe and have been telling the people,

1. Whales are eating all our fish supplies.

2. We never had diabetes, until we stopped eating whale meat.

3. Whale watching only brought in one million dollars to Tonga last year and whale meat is worth $7 a pound so we can make more money killing the whales.

4.We only need to kill 12 whales a year.

I could continue, but as you can see this is just nonsensical crap. Might as well just blame global warming on the whale to, that’s a point since we stopped whaling there has been more whales and of course whales way a lot therefore we can explain the rising of sea levels, IT’S THE WHALES FAULT.

Anyway so I have kept this short as I really busy with this stuff at the moment, but you can help there are a few petitions on the Internet you could sign, here is a link to one. Petition link

If you have time there are a few more if you  look, sign them all. At the moment these guys only know about the humpback whales in our waters, I can’t imagine what will happen if they discover the other 22 species we have off the back of ‘Eua.

Please leave a comment, and if you have any ideas to help please let me  know.