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Hello and welcome to Fevah.

This is my first post and my first blog. This comes to you from the tiny South pacific Island of ‘Eua part of the Tonga group of Island where we decorate our burial mounds with beer bottles and swim fully clothed  because some old fart missionary back in the 1800 convinced our elders and king that bear skin was a sin. Think that’s bad we actually think it’s our culture, we call  all these  strict western church ideas are own now.

Yep we have some strange ways here alright, but know we have the internet on the Island I’ve come to realize we’re not the only  crazy  buggers out there. No offense intended but you guys really go to work for hours everyday to get paper that you then go and spend on food and houses and cars. We don’t go to work. Where I live  land is free and we have plantations for food that we take turns working on that probably adds up to about 8 hours work ever month.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to put the anyone down like I say we are pretty weird here on the Island. I know this because I’m one of the few people In my village who has been overseas and I talk to tourist that come and stay on the Island.

So anyway I’m just thinking  it might make for some interesting discussions. If nothing else we will get to laugh at each others ways and cultures  right?

Feel free to post a comment, ask a question, or tell me about something you find crazy from where ever you live.