About My Home

‘Eua  Island is a tropical paradise. Which is 20 km across and about 8 km wide. The along beaches are along it’s western side, rising up steeply to the cliffs of about 200 meters on the eastern side of the Island.  All within 8 Km, quite a contrast.

Eua is the only Island in Tonga to have it’s own natural spring feed water supply and tropical rain forest. It is home too the Red Shining parrot indigenous to ‘Eua only, along with other unique birds that were once thought to be extinct until a group of  Phylogenomics (bird geeks) came from some university in New Zealand and found them here. (I apologize sincerely if your into Phylogenomics,) not for calling you bird geeks of course but for the  fact that your Phylogenomics. Just joking.

We also have 23 different species of whale around the Island owing to the fact that the tonga trench runs around us. The trench is 10.7  km deep and starts just of the reef on the eastern side, which means the wales that people go out on boats to see in other parts of the world are literally meters away from shore.



  1. Your home sounds like what we may illustrate the word ‘idyll’ with in the over-run, over-wrought, over-crowded, over-stressed world this side..

  2. I had to look that word up “idyll”. Thanks, your right, and that is the reason why I think this Blog my be interesting and fun for all. You know what they say about a fresh and different prospective on things. Well I hope that will work to my and the readers advantage. The very simple vs the highly complex If you will. My guess is the answers to most questions will be somewhere in the middle of both realities as it were.

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