About me

I am fevah.

I live on a tiny Island in the South Pacific called ‘Eua. It’s part of the Tonga group of Islands. My Island is so small even Google earth got it’s name wrong, ( I haven’t told them yet ) I think I like the Idea. I mean If big brother is watching you? and you can’t do anything about it, at least if he’s got your name wrong. maybe he thinks he’s watching someone else instead of you?

At this point I would like to add that there is only 5000 people living on this Island and this blog is a way I hope to make contact with the outside world, which has been made available to me by this wicked little invention of the internet and of course the tourists that come visit the Island telling me of the madness that is the western world. (no offense intended ) The things we get up to on the Island would seem crazy to you as well.

Anyway I’d love to hear from you so post a comment, say hi, and above all have fun.



  1. Hi Fevah, thanks for your comment today on my blog. I notice you haven’t posted in a while. You were off to a great start, I hope you do some more blogging.

  2. Hi Kitty, I only started blogging yesterday and as for the comments about your site I meant it LOVE YOUR SITE kitty.

    Ofa atu
    Kitty catt

  3. Hi Fevah,

    Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the verse. I did read through your entries, it made me smile, you are the FIRST Tongan I have read about in First person. The first time I knew there was a Tonga was about 4 years ago when I watched a Movie(I forget its name) about a missionary who first planted a church there. You are right this wicked thing does let us Know the World like we have never before. Sometimes its amusing, sometimes is shocking but all in all we learn some and we unlearn some.

  4. Oh, great, we read dates differently here, I was thinking you posted July 12th instead of December 7th.

    Best of luck with your blog and thank you so much for your kind words.

  5. Yep kitty, I wonder why there isn’t a universal way of putting the dates. Funny though isn’t it. I’d like to think, we got it the right way round. I mean we are the first country to see the sun ever day so we should know what day it is before anyone else does. lol

  6. Cool site, wow, I wish I was living on your island right now instead of Minnesota

  7. Where have you gone, brother? Heard there was some heavy duty earthquakes in Tonga recently — wondering if all is well. Missing your particular brand of madness…

  8. I came across this from browsing on google, your posts are so interesting!! Kataki keep posting in 2013 would love to hear more from you

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