Simple isn’t it, love. Love, love. Easy to say for some hard for others. Easy to feel for some hard for others. Unconditional for some, controlling for others. Love is a feeling and an action. Love can’t be brought or sold love is free. If you love someone who doesn’t love you back it can be dangerous, If you love someone that loves you back it is divine.
There is way too much to say about love to write it all down in a blog so I’ll cut to the chase. The world needs love and it starts with you. If we are to survive as a race, if we are to enjoy our future, we must love each other more than what we do now.
If this sounds simple, easy as pie, then good spread the love. If this sounds hard then start small, day by day start with the people around you and build your way up. Loving everyone and everything is a challenge and could be the biggest challenge you will face in your life time, but the benefits are endless. Let me give an example.
If someone was to steal from you you could feel angry which would effect your feeling negatively and the thief’s feelings would not be changed at all. Your feeling of anger only serves to hurt you. If you were to love the thief then your feelings of love will effect you positively it still makes no difference to the thief, but it does make a big difference to you.
To love outwardly is to feel love inwardly.
I hope you loved this post, some will some won’t.

So do you love me?
Ofa atu (love to you)
ps. he he he fevahs gone all soppy



  1. :). I love your take on the emotion… check my blog for June 21, 2007 enty, for my take.

  2. I do love this post.

    Yes, we do need more love and forgiveness in this world. They do seem to go hand in hand. Great post Fevah.

  3. Nice post! 🙂

  4. sure – sending you some astral love now… xx

  5. love is truly divine…and must be in the air!

  6. Thankyou all of you. I love you.

  7. I try to live by the Golden Rule – do unto others … – so I try to put the love an positive vibes out there too. It certainly can’t make the world a worse place.
    Great post.

  8. Wonderful views… very honest, very real

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