The old ways

There are ones here who would like to forget our roots, there are ones here that wish I would forget what was taught to me, what has been handed down in our family for generations. But I will not let my ancestors down. Chance I think not that this medium was giving to me, with this vessel I will tell the old ways of my people so that they will not be forgotten even if there wish is for it to be.  So let it be written, So let it be done. I have used wordpress to reach out to talk to others away from the Island, as a release for myself and will still do so, but now I realize why this was given to me the computer, the Internet being put on the Island my trip overseas, the list goes on and all points me to this point in time. The old ways will not be lost for ever or put in some closet closed up to the world I will write about them on this blog so they may live again as they should. I will let the old ones and the Island pour out of me as I am now on these pages. The world will know of things my people have forgotten and Bolotu shall awaken once more the new Island will mark his awakening we will pull it up from the sea both feet solid on ‘Eua. Hina hear my words you shall be awaken again to this land of two with Sinilau by your side.

Wow now that was weird right, for you and me both but that’s how it goes on the big  jobs. This is my calling, so I hope you still enjoy the blog.



  1. Good for you! Use whatever means is at hand to preserve your heritage. I try to do the same with mine.

  2. maybe you could interview some of the Tongan elders?

  3. silverstar :Thanks both of you for your support.

    Nursypoo : The elders and I talk alot as you will see in my next posts.

  4. I like your attitude, keep up the sharing of your roots!

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  5. You are a good writer. Maybe you should write books.

  6. Interview Request

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  7. You are the story teller for your people. Your work will be appreciated by the generations to follow. Please continue.

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