Talk to Me

I thought I might start a post that is about whatever you would  like to talk to me about. So this is how it  works. Normally I post and you talk about what I post well this post is different, this post is about you, this time you post a comment about something you would like to talk to me about. Anything thats on you mind. I’m not sure how well this will go so just humor me at this point.

Alright then off you go post something



  1. Perhaps one could talk about their philosophy on Life, Death, Mysteries… Perhaps one could simply discuss life in all trivialities… perhaps an opinion of the heavens… perhaps their views on the hells… there are so many things on my mind… I wouldn’t know where to begin… I do love conversations…

    Very creative. Thanks

  2. Perhaps one could. Even better perhaps one will. As it’s in the doing of things that realization happens.Could you learn to ride a bike through reading about it? I think not, the only way to learn how to ride a bike is by getting on a bike and falling of a few times. Thanks for the comment Enreal .
    Love your blog very deep.

  3. I’ve read most of your blog, and have enjoyed it immensely. What a picture you draw with your words, so colorful – and truthful.

    Tell me, Fevuh, how does a Shaman survive in a society where Christian ministers scream doctrine from the pulpits?

  4. Well Teresa good question. I myself am able through my position in the village to avoid the actually church going thing. The truth of the matter is that when there is a problem on the island and the ministers can’t help that’s when the elders sneak over to see me for advice, however when things seem to be going fine, well then it is hard to get anyone to listen to me. My example being the whales, know one will listen but as time goes on and spirit is angered and hurricanes hit, fishermen come home with no catch, Unhappiness and unrest strike the island etc then, well then they will come and ask me why. That is the answer to your comment, that is how this shaman survives while christian ministers scream doctrine from the pulpits.

  5. i understand. No matter how we advise, people do what they feel compelled to do, then suffer for it. That’s how they learn. That’s how we learned, too.

  6. I am them they are me, when they hurt I hurt. The Island is me and I am the Island this is the differences between my people and I they no longer can feel the Island. They live on it not with it anymore. ‘Eua cries to me what am I to do, to them it is rock and earth now, They do not understand the pain it is in, I fear the Island with fall back to the sea to drown its pain. It came up first out of all the Islands with Ata when Maui was learning to fish,. it is the oldest Island in the 176 Island of Tonga it is the only Island with a rain Forrest the only Island with its own water springs and rivers it is special, it is our life.

  7. What a beautiful testimony to your country, and your truth. You have my respect.

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