Just for you nursy poo

A Post I started at nursemyra Blog that got to long so I moved it to Here

There are hundreds of them on the main Island of Tonga, Bloggers that is. Just check out Bebo, thats the Islanders blog of choice. I know of one other blogger on my Island she is called eyelandgrl’s. Shes on my blog roll list and is related to me but we pretend not to know each other online. One reason for us to be online is to meet knew people and have fun comparing cultures. The rest of the world gives me a measuring stick by which I can understand a bit more of who I am, as it were. I hope that makes sense. Picture this, your the one that lives on the Island know all you know is the Island. You don’t have t.v you do have a radio but that’s all about Tonga. Then your friend opens up a tourist outfit. So now you start to meet people from what might as well be another world. You learn to unlearn all you thought was real you grow while all around you the people stay the same, you try to tell them of the things you have learned but the don’t want to know. ” Its the palangi way” they say. Then you get the internet and bam instant knowledge of the outside world. I must tell you though once i had got the hang of it I spent a long time being very emotional about the things I read a saw. My friend Taki says it has to do with not having any defense to the “shit” you guys have to put up with ever day. sorry I’m off subject and have taken up to much space on YOUR blog. I’ll continue this post on my blog if you want me to.

To which the nurse repliled  “Please do…. it’s fascinating…. -)

Ok so where was I, oh yeah, I must point out at this stage that Taki is a Tongan who was brought up in Australia, He’s more Aussie than Tongan. So to him this “shit “, I was seeing was normal, but to me, well I had no idea  the stuff you guys had to put up with in your daily lives. Wars, murders, well you know what I’m talking about.  I remember looking at a fishing website and thinking do they really think they need to buy all that stuff,  just to go fishing. We don’t have advertising here, Well there is the odd bit at the fale koloa ( local shop) poster for coke and twisties, but thats it.

Since then of course I’ve traveled overseas, thats another story in it’s self. Maybe on another post i will tell it. If you would like?  Now I’m of to bed.



  1. ok, I’m in… write the travel post next…..

  2. I think if you just keep checking my site there will be enough info on Tonga eventually that you shouldn’t need a travel post. But then who knows.

  3. I meant your “travel overseas” post

  4. Yes of course I will nursy. Sorry for the miss understanding. but maybe it wont be the next post but soon, I promise.

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